Welche Farbe steht meinem Islandpferd?

Which color suits my horse?

We offer you a wide range of colors for sweat rugs, rain rugs and saddle rugs. With this large selection of colors you may

All about our sweet itch blanket

Everything you need to know about our sweet itch rug. Fabric, cut and fit. The blanket is designed for the highest protection and comfort of the horse.


How Do I Use A Cooler Rug?

Your Sportsfreund blanket is a classic sweat blanket. Fleece and wool blankets are NOT made for use in paddocks and outside stables. That's why

Junger Islaender im Galopp

Basic training for Icelandic horses

Anyone who owns a young horse will sooner or later be faced with the exciting stage of breaking in. Questions that arise are, who takes over the training,

Mensch in Isländer Herde

How Horses Learn

If we want to train our horses as finely and Sportsfreundlich as possible, we should not only deal with how the anatomy

Illustration Mein erstes Islandpferd

Lifgun – our first horse

Sportsfreund-Studios was founded by Veronika Conen, who only got into the world of 
late into the world of Icelandic horses with her daughter.

Pferdetraining im Winter

How to train your horse in the winter

When it's wet, cold and dark outside, it sometimes takes a little effort to leave the cosy warmth of the house to go to the stable. Especially when there is not

Islandpferd traegt Paddockdecke

Wearing a Rug permanently: Yes or no?

The question of whether, and if so, when, one should let our Icelandic horse wear a rug is always the subject of heated discussions. We think that, just as with

Marleen Stühler und Helgi vom Berghof

Interview with Marleen Stühler

Autorin: Veronika Conen, CEO Sportsfreund-Studios Liebe Marleen, stell dich und dein(e) Pferd(e) doch einmal kurz vor: Wo kommst du her,

Pferd mit Schafen tägt Abschwitzdecke aus Wolle

Everything about our Wool Rugs

Why do I need a wool blanket for my horse? Are you thinking about getting a woolen sweat rug for you and your pony? But you are still unsure about the

Zwei Isländer im Winter mit Abschwitzdecke

Why Do I Need A Cooler Rug?

Do I really need a sweat rug? This is a question many horse owners ask themselves as soon as the cold season begins. We would like to give you a few

Schwarzer Isländer im Galopp mit grüner Satteldecke

Endurance training

Definition. What is endurance? Meaning. Why is fitness important? Physiology. What processes take place in the horse? Energy metabolism.

Abschwitzdecken von Sportsfreund Studios
Sportsfreund Studios

The Sportsfreund Studios blog contains numerous tips on dealing with horses. From fitness training to the learning behaviour of horses - you can read it all here. The blog is written by Karolina Kardel from 360 Grad Pferd.

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About Sportsfreund

A Sportsfreund is a friend who keeps you company during work-outs. But he is so much more than that. He is your loyal friend who accompanies you through thick and thin. Someone you can count on, you rely on each other. He’s got your back and doesn’t get mad at you. You want your friend to be happy. It’s a long friendship. Between two people. Between horse and rider. Between you and your Sportsfreund.

We have three Icelandics ourselves who live at an Icelandic horse stable near Munich. Training and carring for our horses and talking to our stable colleagues regularly gives us new ideas on which we base the development of our products. Before our author Karolina Kardel sits down to write, we first have a heated discussion! This is about much more than just horse blankets. And because we are also a design company, we just felt like sharing the content of our online blog, of which we are a bit proud, in a lovingly designed magazine - a piece of knowledge and horse love that you can hold in your hands.

Sportsfreundliches Horse Training

"You just have to be more strikt, your horse is messing with you. "Sentences like these can be heard at every stable. They come up, for example, when your horse stops and won't let you lead him on, when he fidgets at the farrier and doesn't give his hooves properly, or when he keeps running to fast during training on the oval track and you have no idea what you can do. But can our horses even intentionally fool us?

So instead of getting angry that our horse does not behave the way we want it to and punishing our horse for what we see as unruly and wrong behaviour, we should rather start to show our horse more understanding. We should ask ourselves why it is that it reacts the way it does. In the end, we are all Sportsfreunde. A Sportsfreund is not only a (horse) sports lover, but also a friend with whom we do sports together. And we should treat this friend with as much respect and understanding as we would wish for ourselves.

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