What Basic Equipment Does My Icelandic Horse Need?

In addition to cleaning supplies, halter, saddle and bridle, a sweat blanket, saddle cloth or pad and a rain blanket are among the absolute must-haves when it comes to Icelandic horse equipment. The horse's back is a »sanctuary« and should therefore be protected accordingly. The saddlecloth is the basis for every ride. Saddle Pad made of wool A saddle pad made of wool supports you when riding, as it creates a healthy microclimate between the saddle and the horse and has a relaxing effect on the muscles and connective tissue.

A cooler rug is essential for training in winter, as it not only helps the horse to dry, but also prevents warm muscles from cooling down and tensing up from a draft. It's always good to have a rain rug for sudden weather changes.

The Best Cooler Rugs

Our cut specially developed for Icelandics , covers the most sweaty part of the horse's body. Thanks to the good fit, the blanket lies close to the horse's body and can therefore quickly absorb sweat. Good looks and reliable function: That's called design. We start with the needs of horses and their people, consider whether they can be met, whether we can improve something or even reinvent something. As horse owners and stable colleagues, we are close to the wishes and can test our products extensively ourselves. For sheer pleasure we design the most beautiful color combinations to express ourselves and present the horses appropriately.

We're Wool Experts

We are the Icelandic horse shop with the largest selection of wool products. The natural material wool is the best thing you can use on your Icelandic horse. Wool regulates temperature, retains heat and is flame retardant. Wool fibers can absorb more than 30% of their own weight in moisture without feeling wet. In contrast to cotton, wool keeps you warm even when wet. This means that Loden can be worn even when it is slightly damp without the body cooling down. In addition, wool is a breathable fiber with dirt- and water-repellent properties. It is wrinkle-resistant and easy to clean and maintain. Due to its protein structure, it also absorbs odors and has an antibacterial effect. Discover our cooler rugs or saddle pads made of wool.

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