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Support Refugees – Buy a Sporty

Your love belongs to the Icelandic horse. You’re save with your Sporty – because it will bring you good luck! At the same time it decorates your favorite handbag in a very stylish way – or how ever you want to wear this accessoire. The Sporty is our super-sweet tölting talisman.

Recycling Concept
We regularly have colorful leftovers from our beautiful Loden fabric from our saddlecloths - way too good to throw away.

Who sews the Sporty? It is sewn by refugee Syrian women in Lebanon. In addition to financial support, this gives them a meaningful task and further prospects. We commissioned the aid organization Zeltschule e.V. to make our sporties. We have agreed a unit price that is three times the German production price. We get a normal bill for this.

With the purchase of a Sporty you make a valuable contribution to the female empowerment of Syrian refugee women on their way back home and to a dignified, self-determined life.

Sportsfreund x Marie

We are happy to present you a new partnership in #teamsportsfreund: Sportsfreund X Marie. Thanks to Marie's creative superpower, we now also have handmade Icelandic horse themed screen prints. The unique designs are printed on high-end sustainable T-shirts, tea towels and papers.

Our Magazine

Only available in German. Did you know that you can read text on paper three times faster than on a screen, and with more thoroughness and concentration? And the content stays in the brain longer? Reading online is convenient, but holding something printed in your hand, putting it away and getting it out again, leafing through, browsing and looking at pictures is something completely different. That's why there is now the SPORTSFREUND MAGAZINE.

We're just too proud of our Blogto "only" let it exist online. Together with our former author, the journalist and horse ergotherapist Karolina Kardel, we create the content, sometimes we have different opinions. In the end we are always in agreement and can say that we have learned something new ourselves and are smarter than before. We want you to be part of this exciting process with our first edition of our pony knowledge, the SPORTSFREUND MAGAZINE.

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