Gifts for Icelandic Horse Riders: Our Gift-Guide

Geschenkideen für Islandpferde Reiter

It's that time of year again, Christmas is just around the corner. It's always nice to see the joy in the eyes of the recipient, but it's also quite stressful to find new gifts every year. That's why we've curated a list of the best gift ideas for Icelandic horse fans. From small gifts to big surprises, you'll find everything here.

Authors: Marie-Theres & Veronika Conen

Support Small Businesses

If you're looking for something really special, then it's worth looking at Small Businesses. Small businesses often offer handmade, individual or unique items that make perfect gifts. These products are original and different from the mass-produced goods of large companies.

The holiday season is widely characterized by a consumerist frenzy that encourages excessive materialism and waste. The original meaning of the holidays - such as compassion, charity and time together - is pushed into the background. This frenzy also has a negative impact on the environment, as it is accompanied by a huge increase in waste from gift wrapping, unsustainable gifts and seasonal decorations.

Small businesses pay more attention to sustainability than large companies. They are idealistic, like to use local materials and produce regionally under transparent conditions.

Not only today, but also tomorrow. Small businesses are innovative.

Women Owned

The majority of small businesses are Women Owend. We know your needs. Almost 100 percent of our customers are female. So are we at Sportsfreund. By supporting a women-owned business, you are investing in female economic independence and equality. Buying women-owned is innovative, socially and economically smart.

Women-owned businesses are not only important because of their economic impact, but also because of the values they embody. Women place greater emphasis on social responsibility, community engagement and diversity in their businesses, creating a fairer and more sustainable future for all.

We should recognize the contributions of female entrepreneurs and commit to supporting and encouraging them along the way. In this way, we can create a better future not only for women and girls, but for all people by moving away from harmful role stereotypes.

Female entrepreneurs are more cooperative than competitive in their attitude and a role model for girls and young women to be self-confident and actively work towards future equality despite significant hurdles.

Fair Prices

Small companies appear more expensive at first glance because they do not benefit from the same economies of scale as large companies.

Their products are generally of higher quality and longer life, which proves to be more cost-effective in the long term, even if the purchase price is higher at first glance.

Let's make a comparison:

Company A: Production costs for 5000 saddle pads: 2€ per saddle pad
Selling price: 80€ per saddle pad
(Yes, that's real, original prices)
Profit margin ≈97.5%

Company B:
Production costs for 1 saddle pad: 150€
Selling price: 245€ per saddle pad
Profit margin ≈38.8%

Here we have a huge discrepancy between the two profit margins. Company A only invests around 2.5% in production and payment. While company B invests 62% in fair wages, quality and sustainability.

Fair prices are not the cheapest possible price for the end consumer, but fair payment for everyone involved in the process.

Good working conditions mean higher end prices.
Made in Germany

If it says "Made in Germany" on our Sportsfreund studios, then it is. Not only the small final assembly, but for many products even the entire manufacturing process from the yarn to the finished horse rug. Spinning, weaving and sewing take place in Bavaria, Saxony, North Rhine-Westphalia and Austria.

These are medium-sized companies, some with a long family tradition, which we are happy to support in order to maintain diversity and quality with the advantages of short transportation routes, decent working conditions and compliance with environmental standards.

30 Gift Ideas for all Icelandic Horse Fans

Gifts for the horse

This is probably the simplest idea. Accessories for your own horse, you always need something like this. Here you will find a hand-picked collection of handmade and sustainable products that will make your horse's heart beat faster. From stylish halters and snaffles to high-quality brushes, mane sprays, sweat rugs and lunging pads, each of these gifts has been carefully selected to give your Icelandic horse the very best.

Geschenke für Islandpferde handgemachte Trense mit Fischleder
Handmade bridle with fish leather
Geschenke für Islandpferde eine Abschwitzdecke
High-necked cooler rug made of fleece
Geschenke für Islandpferde Reiterinnen Halfter
Halter and rope with braiding
Geschenke für Islandpferde Reiterinnen Bürste mit Fischleder
Horse grooming brush covered with Icelandic fish leather
Geschenke für Islandpferde Reiterinnen eine Longierunterlage aus Wolle
Wool Lunging Pad
Geschenke für Islandpferde Reiterinnen ein Mähnenspray
100 % natural mane and tail spray
Equestrian Clothing

As the cold season sets in, it's important to stay warm and cozy, especially when riding outdoors. From colorful overalls to handmade Icelandic sweaters, luxurious leather gloves and sustainable riding leggings, this guide offers a carefully curated selection of gift ideas for riding lovers. Dive into the world of HGG, Hoofment, Tölta Deluxe and more to find the perfect winter gift.

Geschenke für Islandpferde Reiterinnen ein handbedruckter Hoodie
Hoodie with unique screen print
Geschenke für Islandpferde Reiterinnen ein Baby-Overall
Hand-sewn baby overall made from woolwalk
Geschenke für Islandpferde Reiterinnen ein Islandpullover
Icelandic sweater, ready-made - or to knit yourself
Geschenke für Islandpferde Reiterinnen eine nachhaltige Reitleggins
Sustainable riding leggings
Geschenke für Islandpferde Reiterinnen Lederhadschuhe
Handmade leather riding gloves

Small Gifts for Icelandic Horse Fans

Sometimes it's the little things that bring the greatest joy. From charming accessories to practical essentials, here you will find gifts that will accompany you outside the barn.

Geschenke für Islandpferde Fans ein handgemachter Anhänger mit Pegasus
The Pegasus among the Icelandics: gold-plated pendant
Geschenke für Islandpferde Fans warme Socken aus Wolle
No more cold feet with wool socks from SOXS
Geschenke für Islandpferde Fans bute Haargummies
Unique hair ties: Kknekki from BonDep
Geschenke für Islandpferde Fans eine Kette
Hair ball necklace: glass ball filled with your horse's hair
Geschenke für Islandpferde Fans eine Kosmetiktasche mit Tölter
Cosmetic bag - absolutely unique
Geschenke für Islandpferde Fans handbedrucktes Tölter Handtuch
Fagri tea towel
Geschenke für Islandpferde Fans Keramik Tassen
Ceramic mugs, colored handle
Geschenke für Islandpferde Fans Geschenkpapier
Lovingly designed wrapping paper from Equisigned
Geschenke für Islandpferde Fans Kuscheldecke von Sportsfreund
Huge cuddly blanket from Weiich
Geschenke für Islandpferde Fans ein Fotokalender
Wall Calendar Colors of Iceland

Gifts for Further Education

Don't want to give away something that just sits around and isn't used? Why not give the gift of knowledge! Through online seminars, books or riding lessons, riders can improve their skills, learn new techniques and develop a deeper understanding of horses and riding. These opportunities open up new perspectives, promote confidence with horses and create an enriching experience that they can enjoy for a long time. These are all in German.

Geschenk Ideen für Islandpferde Fans ein Online Kurs
Pferdetraining mit allen Sinnen
Geschenk Ideen für Islandpferde Fans ein Buch
Der kleine Reitlehrer – das Gebäude des Islandpferdes
Geschenk Ideen für Islandpferde Fans eine Reitstunde
Eine Reitstunde bei deiner Lieblingsreitlehrerin
Geschenk Ideen für Islandpferde Fans ein Online Kurs
Online Weiterbildung bei Sandra Fencl

Donate Instead of Shopping

The perfect gift for people who already have everything. Simply make a donation in their name! "Donate instead of buy" is a great option for gifts. At Sportsfreund Studios, we support projects such as the Sporty, which is made from recycled materials and helps Syrian women in Lebanon. We also donate 10% of the proceeds from the "Save my Planet" T-shirt to BUND e.V. for nature conservation. If you want to support horses, you can donate to organizations like Pferdeklappe e.V. or help Horse Plus Humane Society, an organization that cares for rescued horses and offers programs for horse owners. Donations are always welcome!

Geschenk Ideen für Pferde Fans spenden für Pferde
Give away a sponsorship for wild horses
Geschenk Ideen für Pferde Fans spenden mit einem Anhänger aus Wolle
The Sporty helps refugee women in Lebanon
Geschenk Ideen für Pferde Fans spenden mit einem T-Shirt
By purchasing this T-shirt, you are donating to biodiversity and nature conservation. Sportsfreund x Takt und Verstand
Geschenk Ideen für Pferde Fans spenden für Pferde in den USA
Help horses in the USA out of the Slaughter Pipeline
Geschenkideen für Islandpferde Reiter
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