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Why Your Horse Should Wear Wool Under The Saddle

A Saddle Pad made of Wool good for your Icelandic horse's back. Wool can absorb an incredible amount of perspiration - up to 30% of its own weight - and thus ensures a dry saddle layer, which in turn cannot cool down. On the other hand, it never feels cold or moist , and you can put it on the horse even when it is damp. If it doesn't dry properly in winter or you get caught in the rain, that's no problem at all.

In summer, wool also protects against overheating under the saddle because it always maintains a neutral temperature and is extremely breathable. It thus ensures a healthy microclimate between saddle and horse.

This makes the natural material very suitable for Icelandic horses with sensitive backs. Wool activates blood circulation and has a relaxing effect on muscles and connective tissue.

Saddle Pad, Saddle Cloth, Pad – The Right Equipment For You

We are the Icelandic horse shop with the largest selection of wool products for Icelandic horses. The natural material wool is the best thing you can put on your Icelandic horse. In addition to our popular wool sweat blankets, , we also have a large selection of saddle pads.

Our basic model is the Saddle Pad made of wool, je nach Bedürfnis und Sattel bieten wir auch dezente Sattelpads oder Schabracken an. Wer gar nicht reitet wird bei unserer Lunging Pad , which we make from the leftovers from our production. Some models of our saddle pads have beautiful decorations on the piping, these are either made of fish leather or wool braid.

Our saddle pads are made from Oberpfälzer Loden made from 100% new wool. They are produced fairly in Germany and make a contribution to sustainability.

How Do I Care For a Wool Saddle Pad?

You should brush out a wool saddle cloth after every ride - most effectively with a rubber massage brush. It dries best if you take it out from under the saddle and place it on the saddle with the wet side facing up .

Due to its self-cleaning properties, it rarely needs to be washed. Depending on the intensity of use, every one to three months. The best indicator of whether your saddle cloth/pad needs washing is the stickiness of the underside. The grease from your horse's coat, together with sweat, sticks the wool fabric together and seals it to absorb moisture. If the saddle blanket is sticky or even greasy, it needs to be put in the washing machine as soon as possible. It can be washed on the wool cycle at max. 30 degrees.

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Cooler rugs, rain rugs, saddle pads made of wool, softshell or fleece. Our well thought-out designs display a functional fit especially made for Icelandic horses. The small company designs and produces locally in Germany. Imaginative, modern, friendly and with a lot of horse expertise. On our blog we talk about topics like horse behavior, training and health. 

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