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Why Do I Need A Cooler Rug?

It is important icelandic horse equipment to protect the horse's health !Undercoat sticky with sweat means that the horse no longer has the possibility to put up these hairs and the coat no longer offers protection against cold and rain. This leads to colds or muscle tension. Therefore, it is worthwhile to be patient after riding and let the horse rest for at least 15 minutes. -30 minutes to sweat off. Until the undercoat - the coat very close to the horse's skin - feels dry again.

Good sweat blankets for Icelandic horses quickly transport moisture where it evaporates. This allows your horse's coat to dry more quickly, the undercoat can straighten up again and the heat cushion is built up. Faster cooling can be made possible by shearing. When riding, you can also prevent this by using a sweat-absorbing saddle cloth. So that in the best case the saddle is already dry after unsaddling.
Faster cooling off can be made possible by shearing . When riding you can also bend forward with sweat-absorbing saddle pad. Ideally, the saddle area should already be dry after unsaddling.

How Do I Use A Cooler Rug?

To sweat of , directly after work put on your horse's fleece or Wool Rug , as soon as it is standing at the grooming area and still has increased respiration from riding. While your horse eats its food, it keeps the blanket on.
You should replace a wet sweat rug with a dry one. Otherwise, the blanket will pass the moisture back to the horse. Therefore, please do not put the horses in the pad dock with a sweat rug. This is counterproductive for drying and damages the material of the blanket.

The whole process takes about 30 minutes and gives you time to clean up the equipment, advise or prepare a second horse. After this time, your horse should have sweated off enough so that the coat is dry close to the skin. If it is not dry enough, you can put on one of our softshell paddock blankets to finish sweating off and bring it into the paddock.

What Makes A Good Icelandic Horse Sweat Rug?

A good fit is essential and as you know this can be a bit tricky with Icelandics.

The horse sweats most on the neck and chest . It’s important for its health that these sensitive body parts are always dry. Conventional cooler rugs are cut way too low to protect this area. Even worse is that they are closed by buckles that encourage gaping.

We have developed a perfectly fitting high-neck sweat rug for Icelandic horses with the highest functionality. Unique high-neck cut that covers the horse's most sweaty body region without the need for a cumbersome neck piece. Clings tightly to the horse's body and can therefore optimally absorb sweat.

Effectively transports moisture to the outside and thus prevents freezing and muscle tension. Easy to put on even with cold fingers or gloves. For quicker putting on and taking off, our BASIC sweat rug does not need any cross straps.

Cut + fit = health + good looks. In addition, we offer a rich variety of colours that flatter every Icelandic horse. Our blankets fit every Icelandic horse They correspond to sweat blankets size 125, but our fastening system allows the blanket to be adjusted from 115 to 135.

Cooler Rug: What Size Do I Need For My Icelandic Horse?

It is not the height that determines the blanket size, but the back length!

Our Sportsfreund sweat rug is one size fits all and corresponds to size 125. Nevertheless, it Our Sportsfreund sweat rug is one size fits all and corresponds to size 125. Nevertheless, it fits all Icelandic horses without exception. We can say this from years of experience. No matter whether it is very large >150 or very small <130. Because the back length varies only minimally with most Icelanders. We can say this from years of experience. Regardless of whether it is very large >150 or very small <130. Because the back length varies only minimally for most Icelanders.

To ensure that our blanket fits all Icelandic horses without exception, regardless of whether they have long or short legs and whether they are sporty or chubby, whether they have a rather broad or a very narrow chest or whether their neck is high or low (all these points also play an important role with regard to the fit), we have designed a special Multipass* fastening system with Velcro tabs, that enables the blanket to be put on precisely

For example, the flaps can simply be closed more loosely on a big, strong Icelandic horse with a broad chest or on an Isi with a long back than on an Icelandic horse with a very narrow chest. And depending on how wide, narrow, thick or thin your horse is, the blanket will hang down at the sides - a little more on narrow horses than on wide horses.

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