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When do I need a cooler rug?

If your horse sweats during training, the coat does not get wet from above, but from below. The skins sweat will stick the undercoat and the protective outer coat togehter. The result: the undercoat can no longer warm your horse because the hair can no longer be raised. The fur no longer provides adequate protection against the cold weather. Because of this, it can happen that your horse starts to freeze and the muscles cool down and become tense. Incidentally, your horse does not even have to be completely wet for this: A wet saddle area alone is enough for your horse's muscles to tense up. The sensitive kidney region is also part of the saddle area. Never underestimate a wet back. Read the whole article.

To prevent this from happening, you should definitely use a sweat absorbing cooler rug after training in the cold season. Good sweat rugs transport the moisture quickly to the outside, where it evaporates. This allows your horse's coat to dry faster, the undercoat can stand up again and the heat pad is built up. After about 30 minutes, you can test whether your horse's undercoat is dry and warm. If the skin is still wet, the horse should put on a well-fitting paddock blanket - preferably waterproof and breathable (sweat blankets never belong in the paddock). We recommend clipping for particularly heavy sweating horses. More about clipping.

Cooler rugs always high-neck

The horse sweats the strongest in the neck-chest-area. It’s important for its health that these sensitive body parts are always dry. Conventional cooler rugs are cut way too low to protect this area. Even worse is that they are closed by buckles that encourage gaping.

We have developed a perfectly fitting high-neck cooler rug for Icelandics with the highest level of functionality. It has an unique high-necked cut that covers the horse's most sweaty body region without a impractical neck piece. Nestles up close to the horse's body and can therefore optimally absorb sweat. It effectively transports moisture to the outside and thus prevents freezing and muscle tension. Easy to put on even with cold fingers or gloves. Cut + fit = health + good looks. We also offer a rich variety of colors. Our rugs come in one-size, that fits Icelandic horses and all similar pony body types. That's made possible by our special Multipass*System. Three generously sized radially arranged hook and loop straps allow a precise fit to every body type. The most comparable size to our rugs would be 125cm, but it can be adjusted to 115 or 135.

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