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What are the Advantages of a Wool Blanket for the Horse?

A Wool Rug is good for sweating off, warming up before work, keeping warm in draughts such as during transport. Due to the temperature balancing effect of wool, it can also be used well in summer when horses freeze after long rains or at competition.

Icelandic horses Horses that are prone to muscle tension enjoy the warming and loosening effect of the wool. This also includes seniors who freeze more quickly or show stiffness. Due to the antibacterial properties of wool, the blanket is also recommended for horses with sensitive skin.

Sportsfreund-Studios the Icelandic horse shop with the largest selection of wool products - with a variety of colours and sustainable production . Everything made in Germany.

Is Wool Suitable For A Cooler Rug?

It is still unusual for us to see wool not only as a material in which one easily sweats and which then itches unpleasantly on the neck, but as a material that even absorbs the resulting sweat quite excellently.

Wool regulates temperature, retains heat, is breathable, dirt-repellent and increases well-being. It is easy to clean and maintain. Due to its protein structure, it also absorbs odours and has an antibacterial effect

Pure new wool is extremely breathable, i.e. it absorbs water vapour from the body and releases it to the surface of the fabric. Wool fibres can absorb more than 30% of their own weight in moisture without feeling wet. This makes wool extremely absorbent as a sweat rug..

Wool is thermoregulatingi.e. the horse is neither too warm nor too cold when wearing it, nor does it encourage additional perspiration. Due to the fabric structure of the loden, a regular and controlled heat balance takes place, creating a microclimate zone on the body. This means that a wool sweat rug can keep you warm even when damp.

A wool rug dries as quickly as a Fleece Rug.

What Is The Difference Between A Fleece And A Wool Sweat Blanket?

After extensive testing, we found that horses with a wool blanket sweat off more quickly.. This is mainly due to the temperature-regulating properties of wool. A wool blanket does not cause the horse to sweat additionally. This is particularly practical on mild winter days. The blanket has to absorb less sweat and the horse actually dries faster.

Wool hugs the horse's body even more closely and thus has an even better fit, which in turn further accelerates sweating off.
In contrast fleece is cheaper to produce and somewhat less complicated to handle. Fleece is also vegan-friendly.

How To Care For A Wool Rug

You can wash all our blankets yourself. Because they only have Velcro fastenings instead of metal buckles, nothing bangs or rattles in the drum.

A horse blanket made of wool rarely needs to be washed due to its self-cleaning properties. It is happy to be aired regularly and to be dried well.

Hair, sawdust and dry dirt stains can be easily removed from the cleaning kit with a brush. removed. Coarser stains can be removed with a wet cloth and a little soap or horse shampoo. If it needs to be washed, it can be put in the washing machine at30 degrees on the wool cycle Handwash , however, is even safer. We recommend doing this once a season.

What Is The Difference Between A WOOL And A BAVARIA Rug?

The difference between the blankets is the origin of the fabric. The WOOL is made of conventional virgin wool. The BAVARIA sweat rug is made of 100% mountain wool from happy sheep in the Bavarian and Austrian Alps. Sheared, woven, sewn and designed in Bavaria. Takes into account the demands of sustainability, animal welfare, social fairness and regionality.

The fabric of the BAVARIA BAVARIA is more voluminous, softer and fluffier. This allows it to absorb and release moisture even faster.

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