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What are the Advantages of a Wool Blanket for the Horse?

A wool blanket is good for warming up before work or cooling off, keeping warm in drafts such as during transport. Due to the wools thermoregulating effect, it can not only be used in winter but also in summer when horses are cold in their summer coat after rain or at tournaments. Horses that tend to have muscle tension are happy about the warming and loosening effect of the wool. This also includes seniors who get cold faster or show stiffness. Due to the antibacterial properties of wool, the blanket is also recommended for horses with sensitive skin. We are the Icelandic horse shop with the largest selection of wool products - with a variety of colors and sustainable production. Everything made in Germany.

Characteristics of Wool

Like all animal fibers, sheep's wool is a protein fiber. It therefore themoregulates, warms and is flame retardant. Wool fibers can absorb more than 30% of their own weight in moisture without feeling wet. In contrast to cotton, wool keeps you warm even when it is damp. This means that Loden can be worn even when it is slightly damp without the body cooling down. In addition, wool is a breathable fiber with dirt- and water-repellent properties. Due to its protein structure, it also absorbs odors and has an antibacterial effect. This makes it perfect for Icelandic horse equipment .

Why a Rug from Sportsfreund?

The horse sweats most on the neck and chest. It is important for its health that this sensitive part of the body dries well. Here in particular, conventional cooler blankets are cut too low. They are closed with buckles at the front, do not fit and even gape.

We have developed a perfectly fitting high-neck cooler rug for Icelandics with the highest level of functionality. A unique high-necked cut that covers the horse's most sweaty body region without an impractical neck piece. Nestles up close to the horse's body and can therefore optimally absorb sweat. Effectively transports moisture to the outside and thus prevents freezing and muscle tension. Easy to put on even with cold fingers or gloves. Our blankets fit every Icelandic horse. They correspond to size 125, with our Multipass*System the blanket can be adjusted to 115 or 135.

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