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How to care for your Sportsfreund Equipment


Cooler Rug Fleece
You can wash all our blankets yourself. Since they only have Velcro fasteners instead of metal buckles, nothing beats or rattles in the drum. In order to protect the blankets and washing machine, we strongly recommend not letting the cooler rug get soakedDo not let your horse roll around with them. Then you only have to wash them rarely in winter. We wash our blankets two or three times during the season. At the end of the winter we take them home and store them freshly washed and mouse-proof until the cold months.

Cooler Rug Wool
A Wool Rugs you rarely have to wash because of its self-cleaning properties. It will be happy if you air it regularly and ensure that it dries well. Hair, sawdust and dry dirt stains can be easily removed with a brush. You can get rid of coarser stains with a wet cloth and a little soap or horse shampoo. If handled carefully, your blanket will last a season without washing.

Saddle Cloth/Pad made of Wool
A Saddle Pad made of wool should be brushed out after every ride - most effectively with a rubber massage brush. It dries best if you take it out from under the saddle and lay it on the saddle with the wet side facing up. Due to its self-cleaning properties, it rarely needs to be washed. Depending on the intensity of use, every one to three months. The best indicator of whether your saddle cloth/pad needs to go in the wash is the stickiness of the underside. The grease from your horse's coat, together with sweat, glues the wool fabric together and seals it to absorb moisture. So if the saddle cloth is sticky or even greasy, it needs to go into the washing machine as soon as possible.

Rain Rug
The Rain Rug Softshell should not be allowed to get verry dirty, if only for the love of your washing machine. If you only use it sporadically, we recommend washing it after every use. This way it is not too dirty for the washing machine and can be stored clean in the stable the next day. If you are going to wear it all the time, you should wash it once a week. Waterproofing is not absolutely necessary, as the waterproofing is based on the inner membrane, but it can do no harm from time to time.

Our blankets are made of robust, high-quality material, but the fabric can still break or a seam can come loose. Here our safety motto is: Better the material gives way than the horse! Should your blanket have a hole or a tear despite careful handling, it can be easily repaired. We always have suitable fabric remnants in stock, which we will gladly send to you free of charge for patching. Write us an email if you have any questions :

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