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Saddle Pads made of Wool

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Which Saddle Pad is best for my Horse?

There is a wide range of Icelandic horse equipment, but what is right for my horse?The main task of a saddle cloth is to protect the saddle from sweat and dirt. It’s also important that it’s material absorbs sweat well and prevents heat from accumulating under the saddle. A sweaty saddle area after riding is quickly the cause of cooling and thus tension in the back muscles.

We are big fans of saddle pads. And for the following reasons: Gel or anti-slip pads are only useful for short-term correction. Although they are intended to protect the horse's back, they are not intended for long-term and permanent use and are often only required if the saddle does not fit properly or if the padding of the saddle is so hard that the existing pressure absorption is not sufficient. A saddle pad should never be made of plastic, as it does not absorb sweat and can cause unpleasant heat build-up.

The best Material? Wool!

Our Saddle Pads are made of 100% virgin wool. Indestructible Bavarian boiled wool with a highly functional wool filling made by lavalan® from completely renewable raw materials, guarantees a 100% horse-friendly saddle pad. Absorbs sweat, is antibacterial and ensures a healthy micro-climate between the horse and the saddle. Its ability to regulate temperature and absorb huge amounts of sweat makes virgin wool equally perfect for summer or winter use. The wool activates the blood circulation and has a relaxing effect on muscles and tissues. The cut was designed anatomically to relief the spine and fits all common saddles. The non-slip quilting gives the pad a secure fit, while the natural material moulds to your horse’s body shape. The voluminous filling is shock absorbing and supports the well-being of your horse. Boiled wool is naturally dirt repellant, so if it’s dirty, normally ventilation and brushing out the hairs will do the job. If necessary the pad can go into the washing machine.

Made in Germany

If it says Made in Germany in our Icelandic horse shop, then that's the way it is. Not just the final assembly, but for many products even the entire manufacturing process from the yarn to the finished saddlecloth. In Bavaria, Saxony, North Rhine-Westphalia and Austria people spin, weave and sew. These are medium-sized companies, some with a long family tradition, which we are happy to support in maintaining diversity and quality with the advantages of short transport routes, good working conditions and compliance with environmental standards.

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