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Why Do I Use A Saddle Pad?

The main purpose of a saddle cloth is to protect the saddle from sweat and dirt. To do this, it is important that the material the saddle cloth is made of absorbs sweat well and prevents heat from accumulating under the saddle.

Your horse is well and correctly muscled. Thick pads/linings then interfere under the saddle. Gel or anti-slip pads are only useful for short-term correction and are often only necessary if the saddle does not fit properly or if the panels of the saddle are so hard that the existing pressure damping is not sufficient. With a well-fitting saddle, the saddle cover helps the saddle cushions to distribute pressure peaks.

What Makes A Good Saddle Pad?

  • A good saddle cloth is sweat-absorbent and leaves your horse's back dryafter training. A sweaty saddle area after riding is quickly the cause of cooling and thus tension in the back muscles.
  • For the horse's well-being, it should be breathable . Heat does not accumulate under the saddle.
  • It has a good cut that chambers well in the front as well as the back. This ensures free withers and spinal canal.
  • It does not slip and does not wrinkle because the material fits the horse well and it has good fastening possibilities.
  • Clump-free, springy filling against painful pressure points to distribute pressure peaks. This makes the saddle cover as thick as necessary and as thin as possible.
  • Good Design for your personal pleasure.

    Of course, our saddle blanket meets all these criteria.

Why Wool Is The Best Material For Saddle Pads

A saddle cloth made of wool is good for your Icelandic horse's back. Wool can absorb an incredible amount of perspiration - up to 30% of its own weight - and thus ensures a dry saddle layer, which in turn cannot cool down. On the other hand, it never feels cold or moist , and you can put it on the horse even when it is damp. If it doesn't dry properly in winter or you get caught in the rain, that's no problem at all.

In summer, wool also protects against overheating under the saddle because it always maintains a neutral temperature and is extremely breathable. It thus ensures a healthy microclimate between saddle and horse.

This makes the natural material very suitable for Icelandic horses with sensitive backs. Wool activates blood circulation and has a relaxing effect on muscles and connective tissue.

How Do I Care For A Woolen Saddle Pad?

You should brush out a wool saddle cloth after every ride - most effectively with a rubber massage brush. It dries best if you take it out from under the saddle and place it on the saddle with the wet side facing up .

Due to its self-cleaning properties, it rarely needs to be washed. Depending on the intensity of use, every one to three months. The best indicator of whether your saddle cloth/pad needs washing is the stickiness of the underside. The grease from your horse's coat, together with sweat, sticks the wool fabric together and seals it to absorb moisture. If the saddle blanket is sticky or even greasy, it needs to be put in the washing machine as soon as possible. It can be washed on the wool cycle at max. 30 degrees.

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