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The Pommerndecke: Or visit to the Blumencron Icelandic Horse Farm

Islandpferd in Woll Abschwitzdecke und Schafe

This is it, the first horse rug made of Pomeranian sheep wool. We have long wanted to offer a rug in addition to our standard range that at least comes close to meeting modern demands for sustainability, environmental friendliness, animal welfare, social fairness and regionality .

In addition to their robustness, the Pomeranian Lanschaf is characterised by its beautiful natural grey coat. Every adult sheep has a different shade of grey - sometimes it shimmers silvery, sometimes brown. In the finished fabric, this results in a wonderful melange that shimmers in exactly these tones. Undefinably beautiful and definitely natural and without dyes. That's why the blanket made of this wool is only available in this one colour. We have combined it with wine red. This sets off the grey tone most wonderfully and is strictly reserved for this blanket. It's supposed to be something special in every aspect!

Unfortunately, we can no longer produce the Pomern Rug. As a replacement, we now have the BAVARIA cooler rug made from Bavarian mountain wool.

Nordwolle is the name of the company from which we source Pomeranian Wool Cloth. Have a look at their Website, there you will find the jackets plus a lot of interesting information about the subject.

The wool is woven and processed in the traditional Oberpfalz. There are not many medium-sized companies left in Germany that process wool to this uniquely high quality. The belt and edging tape are produced for us in another medium-sized tape weaving mill in Wuppertal.

The blanket was shot at the Icelandic horse farm Blumencron.

The Blumencron Icelandic Horse Farm - A happy place for people and animals

Three generations of the Müller von Blumencron family live and work to the east of Hamburg on the Islandpferdehof Blumencron. In addition to horses, rare and endangered domestic animal breeds also have a home at the Neue Mühle in Schulendorf: the Rotbunte Husumer or Danish Protestschwein, the Rauhwollige Pommersche Landschaf, the Mechelner Kuckuck and the Westerwald cow dog Anni. Only through their use can these breeds be preserved.

But not only domestic animals have their habitat in the nature paradise around the house and farm. From the migrating crane to the white-tailed eagle to the kingfisher, ornithological treasures can be observed here. Countless nesting boxes in the grounds invite songbirds to breed. Trees and shrubs are allowed to grow here in their natural habitat.

The lush vegetation offers protection and valuable habitat, making an important contribution to the preservation of biodiversity, which is so threatened today. Thanks to the loving and careful management, the farm is more than just an Icelandic horse farm, it is a romantic place where you feel a bit closer to nature. At Blumencrons, you just let yourself live. Thank you for the warm welcome, Marina, Christine and Michael, Olli and Svenja, Daniel and Claudia with Alois and Leopold. You will find a lot of interesting information about the farm, its people and animals, its history and what it has to offer here.
That was advertising from the heart.

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