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Does my Icelandic Horse need a Rain Rug?

Many Icelandics react sensitively to rain, the cold or weather changes. Rain or sweat soaked fur is the main cause of tension or coughing. Our highly water repellant, high-neck rain rug made from elastic softshell withstands intense rain. The fabric has a hydrostatic head rating of 10,000, is lightweight and breathable. This makes the blanket usable in summer or winter. It fits securely, doesn't slip and looks good. The rain blanket fits every Icelandic and comparable pony and corresponds to a 125. What size is my Icelandic horse?

Why we always have our Rain Blanket to hand in Summer

We keep a rain rug to hand in summer, because of how often we have cold days with strong rain? Without the warming undercoat, it can quickly happen that a horse starts to get cold - perhaps because it is old, because it is very thin or has health problems for other reasons. Even if you have an appointment with an osteopath or a tournament, it is advisable to have a rain blanket at hand so that the horse is supple on these days. A rain rug should be really breathable, wick your horse's sweat to the outside and at the same time not let the rain in. The softshell blanket from Sportsfreund is ideal. It reliably protects against moisture, does not allow condensation to form and is breathable. Buy them in our shop.

That's why you need an Outdoor Rug in Winter

Most Icelandic horses sweat profusely in winter. A problem arises when the undercoat gets wet through sweat and the fur sticks together when it dries. Then the warming effect of the fur is lost. This is why it is so important that you put a Cooler Rug on your horse after training and not only help it dry it’s coat, but also prevent it from getting cold and possibly tensing it’s back muscles. Since sweat rugs do not belong in the paddock, a horse that is not yet completely dry should definitely wear a well-fitting paddock rug - preferably waterproof and breathable. We recommend clipping for particularly heavy sweating horses.


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