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What is a »Sportsfreund«?

In a nutshell, a Sportsfreund is a friend who keeps you company during work-outs. But he is so much more than that. He is your loyal friend who accompanies you through thick and thin. Someone you can count on, you rely on each other. He’s got your back and doesn’t get mad at you. You want your friend to be happy. It’s a long friendship. Between two people. Between horse and rider. Between you and your Sportsfreund.

That's how we do it at Sportsfreund Studios. We love our products and want our customers and their horses to be happy. We want to make the best horse equipment. Before releasing one of our rugs, we have put a lot of time, effort and work into it.

We have three Icelandics ourselves who live at an Icelandic horse stable near Munich. Training and carring for our horses and talking to our stable colleagues regularly gives us new ideas on which we base the development of our products. On our Blog we deal with topics that primarily concern us as riders. Before our articles are written there is a always heated discussions about the topic! This is about much more than just horse blankets.

Und weil wir auch eine Designfirma sind, hatten wir einfach Lust, den Inhalt unseres Online-Blogs, auf den wir ein bißchen stolz sind, in einem liebevoll gestalteten Magazin (vergriffen) mit euch zu teilen – ein Stück Wissen und Pferdeliebe, das man in den Händen halten kann.

Yours Marie and Veronika


Good looks and reliable function: That's called design. We start with the needs of horses and their people, consider whether they can be met, whether we can improve something or even reinvent something. As horse owners and stable colleagues, we are close to the rides needs and can test our products extensively ourselves. For sheer pleasure we design the most beautiful color combinations to express ourselves and present the horses appropriately.


We select our fabrics with great care and attention and want to waste as little of them as possible. Our poducts are cut economicaly and effectively. We use the leftovers ourselves or give them away so that only a small amount has to be disposed of. We manufacture needs-based quantities and calculate without overproduction. We resell returns. Our blankets are easy to repair. We also have leftover fabric ready for this. With good care, they last for years and don't even have to be thrown away. Wool is even compostable.

Women Owned

We know your needs. Almost 100 percent of our customers are female. We are too at Sportsfreund. Support of a women-led company means you are investing in female economic independence and equality. Buying Women Owned is innovative, socially and economically smart. Women reinvest up to 90 percent in their families and communities. Female entrepreneurs are role models for girls and young women to be self-confident and to work actively towards future equality despite considerable obstacles.

Produced Locally

If it says Made in Germany in our Icelandic horse shop, then that's the way it is. Not just the final assembly, but for many products even the entire manufacturing process from the yarn to the finished saddlecloth. In Bavaria, Saxony, North Rhine-Westphalia and Austria people spin, weave and sew. These are medium-sized companies, some with a long family tradition, which we are happy to support in maintaining diversity and quality with the advantages of short transport routes, good working conditions and compliance with environmental standards.

Our Products
Schimmel trägt Abschwitzdecke aus Fleece Island

The Best Cooler Rugs

Our rugs come in one-size, that fits Icelandic horses and all similar pony body types. That's made possible by our special Multipass*System. Three generously sized radially arranged hook and loop straps allow a precise fit to every body type.

The horse sweats the strongest in the neck-chest-area. It’s important for its health, that these sensitive body parts are always dry. Conventional cooler rugs are cut way too low to protect this area. Even worse is that they are closed by buckles that encourage gaping.

Our rugs are high neck and fit snugly, so that the horse’s sweat can be absorbed by the fabric. The combination of great materials and a well thought-out cut make the best cooling conditions. As a result our cut is a reliable way to protect the sweaty horse from cold draughts of air.

We have developed a perfectly fitting high-neck blanket with the highest level of functionality. It has as many details as necessary, as few as possible. We use high-quality polar fleece in two different thicknesses and high-end virgin wool.

Color variety

Sustainable icelandic horse equipment

Horses are strongly connected to nature. Thats why it is important, to us as horse owners, to protect the enviroment for them. This starts with the equipment we buy for our horses, but also extends to the way we get to the farm, what our farm looks like and how we live our private lifes.

Sustainability can be broken down into ecological, social and economic sustainability. It’s our responsibility to take care of natural raw materials, transparent supply chains, fair working conditions, friendliness, no returns being destroyed, sturdy sewing, regionality, saving resources, no overproduction, plastic-free packaging, Made in Germany, low waste and good design.

The customer is responsible for careful hadeling, repairs, correct disposal, support for small businesses, promoting regionality, research on companies, questioning, friendliness, price understanding, developing quality awareness and treating returns with respect. The entire article is here.

Visit our FAQ page! Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about our products and services. However, before you fill out a contact form, we recommend that you take a look at our FAQ - a lot of information is already provided for you there. If you still can't find a suitable answer or have further questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

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