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Icelandic horse equipment

Neu! Sportsfreund x Melasol – Satteldecke CUSTOMIZEABLE

Die beliebte Wollsatteldecke mit Keder aus echtem Isländischem Fischleder gibt es nun als Wunschprodukt! Wähle aus schwarzem oder braunem Loden und kombiniere deine neue Lieblingssatteldecke mit einem von 24 exquisiten Fischledern.


Sportsfreund-Studios your brand for Icelandic horse equipment. Cooler rugs, rain rugs, saddle pads made of wool, softshell or fleece. Our well thought-out designs display a functional fit especially made for Icelandic horses. The small company designs and produces locally in Germany. Imaginative, modern, friendly and with a lot of horse expertise. On our blog we talk about topics like horse behavior, training and health. 


Wool Rugs

We are the Icelandic horse shop with the largest selection of wool products for Icelandic horses. The natural material wool is the best thing you can use on your Icelandic horse. Wool is sweat-absorbing, thermoregulating and has a relaxing effect on the muscles. Sustainably and regionally produced.

Cooler Rugs for Icelandic horses

Our cut, specially developed for Icelandic horses covers the most sweaty of the horse's body. Thanks to it's good fit, the blanket lies closely to the horse's body and can therefore quickly absorb sweat.

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Rain Rug Softshell

Rain or sweat soaked fur is the main cause of muscle tension or coughing. Our extreamly water repellent rain rug made of elastic softshell withstands rain safely. The fabric has a water colum of 10,000, is lightweight and breathable. This makes the blanket usable whether summer or winter. Fits securely, doesn't slip, looks good.  


Saddle Pads for Icelandichorses

A Saddle Pad made of wool is good for your Icelandic horse's back. It keeps the saddle area dry, is perfect for hot or cold weather and helps to relax the muscles. The anatomical cut fits every horseback and saddle. Virgin wool is easy to care for and can be machine washed. Made in Germany.

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