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  • The first anatomically shaped lunging pad. Lets the horse move freely and free withers
  • Wool is sweat absorbing, antibacterial, temperature regulating, activate blood circulation and ensures a healthy microclimate. This makes the natural material ideal for horses with sensitive backs.
  • Sustainably manufactured from leftovers from our saddlecloth production
  • Prevents chafing and breaking of the fur in the saddle area.
  • Secure fit thanks to non-slip quilting. Enables ideal positioning of the lunging belt in any weather.
  • Shock absorbing filling made of wool against painful pressure points protects the horse's back
  • Machine washable

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Lunging pad made from 100% new wool

Bavarian Wool with a padding made of lavalan®, the best wool fleece from local production, guarantees a 100% horse-friendly lunging pad. A wool pad is good for your Icelandic horse's back. It keeps your back dry, is not too hot or too cold in any weather and helps to relax your muscles. The anatomical cut fits every horseback and lunging belt. Virgin wool is easy to care for and machine washable. Made in Germany. Wool filling, not polyester.

Why do I use a lunging pad?

  • Leather or plastic of the lunging girth does not lie directly on the skin. Uncomfortable lunging straps can chafe and restrict the horse's freedom of movement, as the horse walks in a protective posture to avoid pulling on the coat.
  • To protect the lunging girth from sweat and dirt.
  • For the well-being of the horse. A good pad will absorb sweat and keep your horse's back dry after exercise.
  • Prevents chafing and breaking of the fur in the saddle area.
  • Springy filling made of wool against painful pressure points protects the horse's back.

Why wool is the best material for horse equipment

A wool pad is good for your Icelandic horse's back. Wool can simply absorb an incredible amount of sweat - up to 30% of its own weight - and thus ensures a dry saddle area, which in turn cannot cool down. On the other hand, it never feels cold and clammy, you can put it on the horse when it is wet.

If it doesn't dry properly in winter or you get caught in the rain, that's no problem at all.

In summer, wool also protects against overheating because it always maintains a neutral temperature and is extremely breathable. In this way, it ensures a healthy microclimate between the lunge pad and the horse.

This makes the natural material ideal for Icelanders with sensitive backs. Wool activates blood circulation and has a relaxing effect on muscles and connective tissue.

How do I care for a wool lunge pad?

Due to its self-cleaning properties, it rarely needs to be washed. Depending on the intensity of use, every one to three months. This can be done on a wool cycle at a maximum of 30 degrees.

You should brush out a lunge pad made of wool after each use. It dries best if you take it out from under the lunging belt and lay it down with the wet side up.

This is how your horse benefits from ground work
  • Improves communication between horse and human
  • Helps the horse feel better about its body without having to carry the rider's weight
  • Creative ground work can also be done in poor weather- and ground-conditions
  • Injured horses or horses in the build-up benefit from a variety of training
  • Variety for the horse's head
  • Muscle building with pole work or double lunge
  • With double lunge or long rein work, muscle groups can be strengthened and addressed in a targeted manner. Momentum, straightness and collection can be worked on. But also side movements (shoulder in, travers, traversale) and track figures.
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Weight 350 g

Passt unter alle gängigen Longiergurte. Anatomisch geformt.


Outer material inside and outside Oberpfälzer Loden 100% virgin wool


lavalan® wool filling from completely renewable raw materials




Wash very gently - using only wool wash cycle in max. 30°c. Normally ventilation and brushing out the hairs will do the job

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