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  • Combines the lightness of a fly blanket with the sturdy protection of a classic sweet itch blanket.
  • Comprehensive insect protection for the horse. Impervious to black flies.
  • Robust, long-wearing material. Elastic, light as a feather and airy.
  • Comortable to wear even on the hottest summer days. After a rain shower it dries extremely quickly
  • Elaborate design technology protects the horse without any gaps. Neck, throat, mane, tail, between the front legs and belly seam are safe with our rug.
  • Maximum comfort for your horse. No pressure points on for example withers, chest and cheeks
  • No buckles, carabiners, hanging straps or leg cords so your horse won't get hurt in the blanket.
  • Fits every Icelandic horse. Covers sizes 115, 125 and 135

Available as a set with or without mask. Consisting of neckpiece, bodysuit, belly guard

Delivery time: 3-5 working days

Sweet Itch Rug COMFORT for your Icelandic horse

Here it is finally, our blanket for Icelandic horses with sweet itch. It is the brilliant hybrid solution between a fly rug and a sweet itch rug. It combines the lightness of a fly blanket with the secure protection of an eczema blanket.

Three-piece set consisting of mask, neck piece, body with belly guard. All components can also be used separately. This system offers the horse well thought-out all-round protection.

The fabric is durable, resistant and completely proof against black flies. Its airy breathability makes the blanket comfortable to wear even on the hottest summer days . It ist light as a feather. When the rug gets wet, the fabric dries quickly.

The blanket is only available in the light colour, which protects against heat and is unattractive to black flies because they are attracted to anything dark. Provides UV protection.

The unique cut includes often unprotected areas such as the neck, between the forelegs, belly seam and tail. 

The division of the blanket into 3 parts improves the general wearing comfort for the suffering horse.

This allows us to minimise pressure and constriction in the area of the withers and the base of the neck, the gaiters and the belly. The adjustable belly guard eliminates the risk of injury.

Neck Piece: Allows the horse maximum freedom of movement without putting pressure on the withers or chest or choking in the throat. Protects the horse's mane. Covers the sensitive area between the front legs.

Body: Sewn-in wedge for wither relief, stretchy neckline and particularly generous tail flap. The cut is such that the blanket falls as far down as possible and offers the greatest possible protection for the legs.

The wide Belly Guard sallows a 100% secure fit. Adjustable to the horse's girth. It offers adjustable fastening options. There is a shorter version for geldings and a longer version for mares. It is no longer possible to step into it with the hooves when rolling. For complete protection, the belly bib is attached to the neck piece with Velcro.

Mask:  Protects the neck, throat, ears and face without gaps and without constricting or choking the horse. The mask reaches under the neck part and can be connected with velcro and tape so that it cannot be pulled off by the horse.

How do I put on the Sportsfreund sweet itch rug?

Mask, Neck Piece and Body are are designed to slip on, so that gaps for insects are reduced to a minimum and uncomfortably tight fastenings, which also break, are avoided. But don't worry, the pieces are designed to be smooth to put on and take off .

The openings are loosely cut and the light material "slips" quickly onto the horse. Because the blanket is divided into 3 components, the horse always has a little break before moving on to the next piece.

How do I care for my sweet itch rug?

Our sweet itch blanket is very easy to wash in the washing machine at 40 degrees and dries in no time.

In case of heavy stains caused by greasy care products, it is recommended to soak the affected parts with dish soap or bile soap. A quick hand wash at the stable with horse shampoo is also a good idea, especially because the individual parts have little volume.

Please remember to do this at least once a week for hygiene. This will prevent gross contamination and do something good for the sensitive skin of the sweet itch sufferer.

My rug is broken, what now?

The blanket is repeatedly subjected to extreme stresses when worn, for example when the horse scrubs itself or gets caught. No fabric can withstand such extreme stress forever. And it is better that way. It is better for the blanket to tear than for the horse to get badly injured because it got caught.

Don't worry if the blanket is "destroyed" or only gets a small hole. Or if one or the other ribbon or velcro needs to be replaced.

We always have enough mending material on hand and happy to advise you on repairs. Fabric and ingredients can be sewn with any simple household sewing machine. If a part of the blanket is irreparably damaged, you can buy it from us.

Does the blanket fit my Icelandic horse?

Yes, as with our Cooler Rug is again so well thought out and flexible that it covers sizes 115 - 135. The determining factor for the the blanket size is not the height of the horse, but the length of the neck and back. 

This usually varies only minimally with Icelandic horses. Why don't you measure it? This means that our cut fits both 129 cm tall horses and 150 cm tall horses.

Only with extremely overweight Icelandic horses does the cut become tight. Excessive weight should be avoided at all costs in eczema horses, as it is seriously detrimental to health.

However, we also encourage you to adapt the sweet itch blanket entirely to your pony's needs nd thus optimise the individual fit. The cut is designed from the outset so that it can be altered by non-professionals without any problems .

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Weight 1600 g

Fits any Icelandic horse. Covers sizes 115, 125, 135.


Light grey-green-blue. Hue may vary in different lighting conditions. Fades slightly in the sun. Combined with light pink edging tape.


Neck part, bodysuit, belly bib with or without mask, depending on the variant. All parts can be connected with velcro without gaps.


88% made of PA 6.6: This is the polyamide with the greatest hardness, stiffness, abrasion resistance and dimensional stability at higher temperatures.
12% elastane: This makes the material stretchy and protects it from tearing.


Machine wash at 40 degrees

Made in


Shipping & Returns

We ship internationaly. Returns within 14 days.

Belly Guard

Mare (Longer), Gelding

Set Version

Full - With mask, Light - Without mask

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