Welche Farbe steht meinem Islandpferd?

Which color suits my horse?

We offer you a wide range of colors for sweat rugs, rain rugs and saddle rugs. With this large selection of colors you may

All about our sweet itch blanket

Everything you need to know about our sweet itch rug. Fabric, cut and fit. The blanket is designed for the highest protection and comfort of the horse.


How Do I Use A Cooler Rug?

Your Sportsfreund blanket is a classic sweat blanket. Fleece and wool blankets are NOT made for use in paddocks and outside stables. That's why

Islandpferd traegt Paddockdecke

Wearing a Rug permanently: Yes or no?

The question of whether, and if so, when, one should let our Icelandic horse wear a rug is always the subject of heated discussions. We think that, just as with

Pferd mit Schafen tägt Abschwitzdecke aus Wolle

Everything about our Wool Rugs

Why do I need a wool blanket for my horse? Are you thinking about getting a woolen sweat rug for you and your pony? But you are still unsure about the

Zwei Isländer im Winter mit Abschwitzdecke

Why Do I Need A Cooler Rug?

Do I really need a sweat rug? This is a question many horse owners ask themselves as soon as the cold season begins. We would like to give you a few

Abschwitzdecken von Sportsfreund Studios
Sportsfreund Studios

The Sportsfreund Studios blog contains numerous tips on dealing with horses. From fitness training to the learning behaviour of horses - you can read it all here. The blog is written by Karolina Kardel from 360 Grad Pferd.

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Sportsfreund Studios: Icelandic horse Equipment

Sportsfreund-Studios your brand for Icelandic horse equipmentCooler rugs, rain rugs, saddle pads made of wool, softshell or fleece. Our well thought-out designs display a functional fit especially made for Icelandic horses. The small company designs and produces locally in Germany. Imaginative, modern, friendly and with a lot of horse expertise. On our blog we talk about topics like horse behavior, training and health.

Good looks and reliable function: That's called design. We start with the needs of horses and their people, consider whether they can be met, whether we can improve something or even reinvent something. As horse owners and stable colleagues, we are close to the rides needs and can test our products extensively ourselves. For sheer pleasure we design the most beautiful color combinations to express ourselves and present the horses appropriately.

We select our fabrics with great care and attention and want to waste as little of them as possible. Our poducts are cut economicaly and effectively. We use the leftovers ourselves or give them away so that only a small amount has to be disposed of. We manufacture needs-based quantities and calculate without overproduction. We resell returns. Our blankets are easy to repair. We also have leftover fabric ready for this. With good care, they last for years and don't even have to be thrown away. Wool is even compostable.

If it says Made in Germany in our Icelandic horse shop, then that's the way it is. Not just the final assembly, but for many products even the entire manufacturing process from the yarn to the finished saddlecloth. In Bavaria, Saxony, North Rhine-Westphalia and Austria people spin, weave and sew. These are medium-sized companies, some with a long family tradition, which we are happy to support in maintaining diversity and quality with the advantages of short transport routes, good working conditions and compliance with environmental standards.

What basic equipment does my Icelandic horse need?

Besides grooming kit, halter, saddle and bridle, a sweat blanket, saddle blanket or pad and a rain cover are absolute must-haves for Icelandic horse accessories.

The horse's back is a "sanctuary" and should therefore be protected accordingly. The saddle blanket is the basis for every ride. A saddle blanket made of wool supports you when riding, as it creates a healthy microclimate between saddle and horse and has a relaxing effect on muscles and connective tissue.

A cooler rug is essential for winter training as it not only helps drying but also prevents the warm muscles from cooling down and tensing due to a draught. It is always good to have a rain rug for sudden changes in weather.

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