Rain Rug Softshell


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  • No matter how much it rains, the blanket is waterproof. (Water column of 10000mm/H2O)
  • Very useful for sensitive horses as the back is protected off.
  • Sophisticated cut with a secure fit, no slipping, elastic
  • Easy to put on even with cold fingers or gloves
  • The lightweight fabric is breathable
  • Can be used in summer or winter, as a rain or paddock blanket, at home or at the tournament
  • Machine washable

Delivery time: 3-5 working days

High-Neck Rain Rug for Icelandic Horses

Really waterproof, light, three-layer soft shell with membrane and fleece inside and a high-necked, sophisticated cut are the prerequisites for optimum protection in all weathers. Keeps old and clipped horses warm even in cold temperatures. Does my horse get cold in winter?

Good fit for all pony body-types and easy to put on thanks to three individually adjustable Velcro straps. Secure fit even when moving thanks to a wide, elastic belly guard.

  • Elastic neckline
  • Wedge-shaped insert guarantees withers relief
  • Double hook and loop and padded neckline
  • Slit on the side for shoulder freedom
  • Generous tail flap with tail band
  • Detachable belly guard

Does my Icelandic Horse need a Rain Rug?

Many Icelandics react sensitively to wetness, the cold or sudden weather changes. Rain or sweat soaked fur is the main cause of tension or coughing.

- It is wet and sweaty: You have already put a Cooler Rug on and the undercoat is still not dry? Then the sweaty horse should definitely wear a paddock blanket to sweat off. Otherwise it can cool down due to drafts, cold or rain and get cold or tense. Make sure that your paddock blanket is really suitable for sweating off.
- Large shearing: Does it have a shear, that also affects the stomach or is even fully clipped? Then it has to be covered when it is cold or wet.
- During the coat change/thin coat due to continuous rain: Is your horse's coat very thin or does it tend to get cold? Then, as a precaution, use a blanket here as well.
- In training: Many horses are more tense than usual after a cold, rainy night. We're just not fans of riding horses with cold backs. Then it's better to do ground work or cover the horse as a precaution.

Is our paddock blanket made of softshell enough to keep warm or how many grams of filling does a blanket need?

Yes. An Icelandic horse in the winter coat does not need an additional lined blanket. Wetness and drafts make them cold , not the temperature itself. This keeps our ceiling reliably. Only horses with a full clip or very thin sick horses could benefit from an additional filling.

Does my horse need a rain rug with a neck piece?

Das kommt auf die Mähne an. Sollte dein Pferd eine ganz kurze Mähne haben und dazu noch am Hals geschoren sein, hat es dort tatsächlich wenig Regenschutz. Sonst reicht auch eine hochgeschlossene Regendecke aus, da die Mähne genug Regenschutz bietet, dass das Pferd da nicht durchweicht.

Sportsfreund-Studios Your Brand For Icelandic Horse Equipment

Sportsfreund-Studios your brand for Icelandic horse equipment. Cooler rugs, rain rugs, saddle pads made of wool, softshell or fleece. Our well thought-out designs display a functional fit especially made for Icelandic horses. The small company designs and produces locally in Germany. Imaginative, modern, friendly and with a lot of horse expertise. On our blog we talk about topics like horse behavior, training and health. For news follow us on Instagram.

Weight 1600 g

Fits every Icelandic horse. The most comparable size to our rugs would be 125cm.


Camouflage and Turquoise


Detachable belly guard, loop on the withers for hanging


3-layered Softshell, the inside is Fleece


Machine wash: 30°c. Light dirt can be removed with a brush or a wet cloth. Wash regularly.

Made in


Shipping & Returns

We ship internationaly. Returns within 14 days.

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