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We have developed a perfectly fitting, high-necked cooler rug with the highest level of functionality.

  • Unique high-neck cut, that covers the horse's most sweaty body region without an impractical neck piece. Nestles up close to the horse's body and can therefore optimally absorb sweat.
  • Fits every Icelandic horse. Corresponds to sweat blanket size 125, with our closing systhem the blanket can be adjusted from 115 to 135.
  • Effectively transports moisture to the outside and thus prevents freezing and muscle tension
  • Easy to put on even with cold fingers or gloves

Delivery time: 3-5 working days

Cooler Rugs For Icelandic horses

The most important thing for an Icelandic sweat rug is a good fit, and as is well known, this can be a bit tricky with Icelanders.

It is important for a horse's health that the neck and chest area are dry. Here in particular, conventional sweat blankets are cut too low. They are closed with buckles at the front, do not fit and even gape.

Medium-weight, absorbent polar fleece and a high-necked, tight fit at the neck and chest are the secure connection for optimal sweating. Our Multipass* system guarantees the perfect fit for all pony figures and easy donning thanks to three individually adjustable Velcro straps. Our sweat blanket BASIC does not require any cross straps so that you can put it on and take it off more quickly.

Why Do I Need A Cooler Rug?

It is important icelandic horse equipment to protect the horse's health! Sweat-bonded undercoat means that the coat no longer offers protection from cold and rain. This leads to colds or muscle tension. That is why it is worth to put on a rug for at least 15-30 minutes after riding the horse.

After this time, your horse should have sweated off enough that the coat near the skin is dry. If it's not dry enough, you can put it in one of our softshell paddock blankets to finish sweating off and bring it into the paddock.

Faster drying can be enabled by clipping for particularly heavy sweating horses . When riding, you can also take precautions with a sweat-absorbing saddle pad, so that the saddle area is ideally already dry after unsaddling.

Cooler Rug: What Size Do I Need For My Icelandic Horse?

It's not the height that determines the blanket size, but the back lengthOur Sportsfreund Cooler Rug guarantees optimal fit for all pony figures and easy to put on thanks to three individually adjustable Velcro straps. Our Sportsfreund sweat rug fits all Icelandic horses. We know this from years of experience. Whether >150 or <130.

This is made possible by our special Multipass* closure system with Velcro straps. The tabs on a large, strong Icelandic horse with a broad chest or an Isi with a long back can simply be closed more loosely than on an Icelandic horse with a very narrow chest. And depending on how wide, narrow, fat or thin your horse is, the rug will sag down the sides and back.

Sportsfreund-Studios Your Brand For Icelandic Horse Equipment

Cooler Rugs, rain rugs, saddle pads made of wool, softshell or fleece. Our well thought-out designs display a functional fit especially made for Icelandic horses. The small company designs and produces locally in Germany. Imaginative, modern, friendly and with a lot of horse expertise. On our blog we talk about topics like horse behavior, training and health.  Instagram.

Weight 1100 g

Fits every Icelandic horse. The most comparable size to our rugs would be 125cm.




Loop on the withers for hanging


Polar Fleece


Machine wash at 40 degrees

Made in


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We ship internationaly. Returns within 14 days.

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Fleece blankets are NOT suitable for use in paddocks and open stables. We are not accountable for damage caused by dirt, rolling, playing, etc.

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