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Wool Lunging Pad

A lunging strap pad does not necessarily have to be made of wool - but if you buy it from us, it does make it 100% sustainable. True to our no-waste motto, we have come up with a new Recycling Concept : the lunging pad. However, this has nothing to do with shabby rest. Thanks to the narrow cut, we have succeeded in optimizing the cut of the saddle pads.

This means that the base is made of exactly the same top material as the tried and tested Saddle Pads. Our ponies can now enjoy the same advantages when lunging as they do when riding. And after the pads are sewn from the offcuts of the saddle pads, they will be available in all the appropriate colors.

Uncomfortable lunging straps can chafe and restrict the horse's freedom of movement, as the horse walks in a protective posture to avoid pulling on the coat. A pad means that the leather or plastic of the lunging girth does not lie directly on the skin and chafing and breaking of the skin in the saddle area are prevented.

Furthermore The pad also protects your lunging girt from sweat and dirt. A springy filling prevents painful pressure points and protects the horse's back.

A Pad made of wool

A wool pad has no major advantage over a wool saddle pad, except for style reasons. Those who prefer it minimal visible and want something that disappears under the saddle should use a pad. If you are looking for a correction pad or anti-slip pad, you should be aware that these are only useful for short-term corrections up to the saddle adjustment.

The problem with this: You only need such a pad if you want to conceal a saddle that doesn't fit. Here you should better adjust the saddle instead of resorting to such a solution. Because if the saddle (which doesn't fit) is pulled forward and the pad prevents it from slipping, the horse's coat pulls quite a bit.

In addition, heat accumulates under such a pad and sweat is not absorbed. Be careful, a wet back quickly turns into a cold back with tense muscles!

Why Wool Is The Best Material For Saddle Pads

A saddle cloth made of wool is good for your Icelandic horse's back. Wool can absorb an incredible amount of perspiration - up to 30% of its own weight - and thus ensures a dry saddle layer, which in turn cannot cool down. On the other hand, it never feels cold or moist , and you can put it on the horse even when it is damp. If it doesn't dry properly in winter or you get caught in the rain, that's no problem at all.

In summer, wool also protects against overheating under the saddle because it always maintains a neutral temperature and is extremely breathable. It thus ensures a healthy microclimate between saddle and horse.

This makes the natural material very suitable for Icelandic horses with sensitive backs. Wool activates blood circulation and has a relaxing effect on muscles and connective tissue.

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